Deadlands: Tempestuous and Fickle Forces

Session 3
The Busybody and Arrival in Denver

Mordecai learns from Terry, the bartender of the Rusty Spur, that a man in town named Edward Jones likes to collect firearms and would possibly know how to go about procuring a gatling pistol. Mordecai and Tuxedo decide to talk to him. Devil Jim talks to Terry and asks about Hooper. Terry says he saw him and a few other “hard” men sitting in the back of the bar. Devil Jim talks to a whore who says she noticed some “hard” men enter town about a month and a half ago and believes they left for Denver. She says one was an Indian dressed in cowboy clothing. p. Mordecai and Tuxedo go to Edward Jones’ house. After a short and tense conversation with Jones, Mordecai exits and confers with Tuxedo. They come up with a plan to sneak into his house, but it ultimately fails and ends with Mordecai and Tuxedo hog tying Edward and his Wife Edna to a table. Mordecai takes Edward’s gatling pistol. Tuxedo goes to find Jim. p. The posse stay overnight and Tuxedo leaves to investigate a possible huckster on the edge of town, but the man isn’t home. While searching the Jones house, Devil Jim finds a gatling gun. A neighbor spots Jim carrying the large wooden crate inside and tells him she’ll be right over with water. In an effort to cast a hex, Tuxedo is almost taken over by a manitou. This experience doesn’t sit well with him. The neighbor eventually becomes suspicious and the posse ties her up as well. p. The posse waits around the house until 3:00 PM, then head for the train, Devil Jim stopping at the General Store to buy a Bible and some cigars. The train ride to Denver is uneventuful, other than Tuxedo lighting one of his new cigars with his gift Bible. p. Upon arrival in town, the posse eventually find room and board at the Inter-Ocean Hotel. Tuxedo attempts to break into the Museum, but is noticed by a passerby and flees. Tuxedo and Jim retire to their rooms while Mordecai heads toward the common room. He eventually gets into an argument with two hoods after asking them where he can find some work as a hired gun.

Session 2
The Husker, the Agency, and Denver Bound

The posse tracks the husker to a cave and are attacked by what appear to be zombies near the entrance of said cave. After making quick work of the zombies, which don’t appear to be zombies, the posse heads into the cave where they are quickly attacked by the adul husker. Doc Holliday shoots the husker in a vital area, finally killing it. The posse loads the husker on the back of Edna Louise’s horse and head back toward the train. The posse learns that Mrs. Giles is a member of the Agency and she tells them to speak to no one of this. The husker is burned out of sight of the other passengers and the survivors begin to walk toward town. Mrs. Giles tells her to meet her at the newspaper office the next morning. The party heads to the Rusty Spur saloon. The gang carouses for a while and Edna Jones pickpockets an old man, finding a combination written down inside his wallet. The group eventually heads towards the hotel. Devil Jim inquires about a man with one ¬ear and is pointed to the Cherokee bath girl who said she saw a man come through about 2 months ago and stayed at the hotel for 3 days. The next morning the posse heads to the newspaper office to meet Mrs. Giles. They receive their $150 and are told that if they ever need help, they might be able to find it if they contact the Agency in whatever are they are. Edna Louise and Tuexedo head to the courthouse to find out if the combination is to a lock box. She tells the clerk her Grandpa died and left her this note. The clerk is suspicious and walks away to talk to another man. Edna Louise leaves the courthouse. Devil Jim heads to the train depot and asks about the one eared man. With Edna Louise’s help, Devil Jim learns the man come through about a month and a half ago and left for Denver. Mordecai approaches the posse after overhearing their conversation. Jim decides to enlist his help in finding Hooper.


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